Два новых гостиничных комплекса в горах







The most interesting sights worthy to see, available for the guests of BEAR and ARATTA hotels.





 1)  Dovbush Rocks - Natural-historical park .  

2)  Goshiv Monastery   

3)  Boykivshchyna history and ethnography museum in Dolyna.

4)  Ivan franko museum in Lolyn. Stepan Bandera museum in Stary Ugryniv village. 

5)  Carpathian Tram  - unique  14 кm trip by old Austrian narrov railway. Beautiful landscapes, rocks and river, interesting histories of the guide.

6)  Shandra valley  – mineral water sources, beautiful wild nature, and the field of snowdrops in spring.

7)  Torun mountain pass  (about  950 m above sea level. Old Austrian cemitry.)

8)  Rozhnyativ region : natural parks, tops of Gorgany Mountains, Rozsokhan lake.






 1)  Synevir lake  – a pearl of Carpathians , the mhighest lake.

2)  Wood floating museum

3)  Mizhgirya region : mineral water source in Soymy, the oldest oak-tree in Carpathians ,  old bakery heated by wood.

4)  Shypot Waterfall  

5)  Museum of Check wrighter Olbracht  

6)  Deers and ostrichs farms .

7)  Nevitsky Castle near Khust

8)  Thermal sources in Beregovo.

9)  Ancient Wooden Churches Museum  (in Aratta Hotel )

10) Palanok Castle in Mukachevo and other Transcarpathian castles.

11) Narcissus  Valley  in blossom (in May).     



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